We invite you to participate in a s= urvey about your experiences with the reimbursement process for professiona= l development, scholarship, and service at your current institution. You ar= e eligible to participate in this survey if you are currently employed as a= n academic librarian in the United States.

If you decide to particip= ate, you will complete a Qualtrics survey which we estimate will take appro= ximately fifteen minutes from start to finish. Please answer questions to y= our comfort level. No personally identifiable information is collected in t= he survey: you will remain anonymous. If any results are too small to be an= onymous, we will not report them. Please do not put your name anywhere on t= his survey.=C2=A0

Remember, participation in this survey is voluntar= y. If you would like to participate,=C2=A0you can complete the s= urvey now. If you are willing, please consider sharing this survey with= academic librarian colleagues. Questions and concerns about the survey can= be sent to Maura Seale at=C2=A0[log in to unmask].=C2=A0 The survey will close May 5.
Thank you for your consideration,
Maura Seale
Faith Bradham
Amand= a Koziura

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Amanda Koziura, MLS (she/her)=C2=A0

Head, Scholarly Commu= nication & Data Services

Associate= Professor | University Libraries
University of Nevada, Las Vegas=

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Office: 702-895-2106=

Land Acknowledgement: I live, work, and learn on the traditional homelands of the=C2=A0Nuwuvi, Southern Pa= iute People.=C2=A0

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